Europe most dangerous cities

When I was searching for data about U.S prison population, for another post, I ran across eurostat, a nice source for data to play around with. I pooled some numbers, specifically homicides recorded by the police. A panel data for 36 cities over time, from 2000 to 2009. Lets see which are the cities that have problems in this area.

The first few lines look like:

The graph for the growth rate  (\frac{x_t}{x_{t-1}} - 1) looks like this:

Homocide Growth Rate Over Time

Despite it being very colorful, its not really useful. We can see many spikes meaning an increase of 300%, which of course derived from a city with a jump in homicide from one to three cases that year. Hadley Wickham gave a nice NBA example, where you better not pick the player with best percent accuracy, you will just end up with 5 people that shoot 100% which is based on one attempt at the hoop. Now what? We can use the level of homicide as a measure for the size of the city, so we get the following figure:homocide Growth Rate over LevelNow we look for points (cities) that sit in the upper right quadrant. Which will mean, high growth rate coupled with high level of homicide. A way to do that is to order the observation according to the strange expression: $$\frac{Homicide Rate}{\frac{1}{average level} }$$

When Average level is low, the expression is low, and the reverse. the nominator is clear I hope. Now we order them and bar-plot the most problematic cities:

Most Dangerous Cities

That is it. Thanks for reading. Code and references are below.

1. Of course, I could have gotten some data on the actual population in these cities, but where is the fun in that?
2. Some of the most dangerous cities are not in, e.g. Marseilles-France or Sofia-Bulgaria, they are just not in the dataset.

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4 comments on “Europe most dangerous cities”

  1. Hi Eran. You have a really nice blog.
    It’s really surprising to see how close Amsterdam and Athens are! Having lived in both cities, I would never expect that. And Brussels more dangerous than Athens? Wow.

    1. Hi Bruna,
      Thanks for the comment.
      Indeed, but bear in mind I am just looking at homicides, not just that but growth rate of homicides, so dangerous in that sense. Apart from that the post is also about the analytical exercise which is simple and fast.

  2. Hey, just to mention something – the Irish (and thus Dublin too) homicide statistics published by the Central Statistics Office in Ireland and then sourced by all the third party stat companies includes dangerous driving leading to death in its homicide figures. For example, in 2011 there were 63 homicides in the whole country, 21 of these were dangerous driving leading to death. That leaves 42 actual homicides (3 of which were manslaughter offences). I don’t know about ALL the other countries but I know that, for example, the UK certainly doesn’t list motor deaths with homicides.

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