Most popular posts – 2022

Welcome 2023.

As per usual this point in time, I check my blog’s traffic-analytics to see which were the most popular pieces last year. Without further ado..

Correlation and Correlation Structure (6) – Distance Correlation (08:33 minutes average time on page)

Similarity and Dissimilarity Metrics – Kernel Distance (11:28 minutes average time on page)

What is the Kernel Trick? (11:51 minutes average time on page)

My ‘favorite post’ spot this year is occupied by two:
Hyper-Parameter Optimization using Random Search and Understanding Convolutional Neural Networks.

On the left (scroll down) you can find the most popular posts from all previous years.

To my readership. Thank you for reading, sharing, for your emails, and for your corrections, comments and questions. Happy, healthy, and productive 2023!

pic credit: Morvanic Lee

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