R vs Matlab (round 1)

Matlab has it this time, with solid 3D plotting capabilities.

Here is a figure of the Oil short end (until 12 months) term structure:
Oil Term Structure This was generated very easily via:

R produced less satisfactory result:
Oil Curve R using the code:

I have also played around with the rgl package which lets you rotate the figure to get a more holistic view, but was straggling to export the figure properly, tips appreciated.

Data for the figures can be found here

7 comments on “R vs Matlab (round 1)”

  1. Hi Eran,
    thanks for the post.
    I’d like to replicate your results but I’m having difficulties loading the data in both: Matlab and R.
    May I know what commands are required?
    Thanks in advance

    1. In order to replicate you can save the data as a txt file and use read.table to load it into R.
      For Matlab, I actually pasted the cells into a variable so no formal command there but you can do the same. In order to create an Excel you can use write.table from R to write the file and then paste it to Matlab.

      1. Dear Eran,
        thanks for the hints. It worked with Matlab but unfortunately with R after using:
        dat <-read.table("/Shared/OilCurve.txt")
        I got the following error message:
        Error in persp.default(dat, col = (colfunc(NROW(dat))), shade = 0.15, :
        invalid 'x' argument

        Any further suggestions?
        Many thanks in advance,

      2. ### Load Data
        dat <- as.matrix(read.table(file = "../OilCurve.txt",header = F)[,2:13] ) ### PLot persp(dat,col=colfunc(NROW(dat)),shade = 0.15, ticktype = "detailed", nticks=2, xlab = "Time", ylab = "Maturity", zlab = "Oil Price",d=1.2,expand = 0.8) ## I hope this works for you, on my end it does.

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