Most popular posts – 2023

Welcome 2024.

This blog is just a personal hobby. When I’m extra busy as I was this year the blog is a front-line casualty. This is why 2023 saw a weaker posting stream. Nonetheless I am pleased with just over 30K visits this year, with an average of roughly one minute per visit (engagement time, whatever google-analytics means by that). This year I only provide the top two posts (rather than the usual 3). Both posts have to do with statistical shrinkage:

The one is Statistical Shrinkage (2) and the other is Statistical Shrinkage (3).

On the left (scroll down) you can find the most popular posts from previous years.

To my readership. Thank you for reading, sharing, for your emails, corrections, comments and good questions. Happy, healthy, and productive 2024!

pic credit: Morvanic Lee

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