Multivariate summary function in R

Some time ago, I wrote a Better summary function in R . Here is its multivariate extension:

Generate some factitious data and see the results. Results are pretty much self explanatory. The last column indicates if the variable has missing values or not.

1. This function uses “Kurtosis” and “Skewness” functions, both can be found in package “e1071” or package “moments” so you need at least one of those packages to avoid errors.
2. I use “suppressWarnings” since the function “sd” produces some meaningless warning which I want to ignore.
3. The function is designed to handle numeric data. It is straight forward to extend it to other class types. (In fact, I have no idea if it’s “straight forward” but it is common (bad) practice to phrase it as such when you have no time to actually do it. Another alternative is: “for the sake of brevity I refer the interested reader to… and skip it here”.)
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