R in Finance highlights

The yearly R in Finance conference is one of my favorites:

1. Titans of the R community are there every year. This year the founder of Rstudio (but much more really), JJ Allaire was a keynote speaker. He gave a talk about Machine Learning with TensorFlow and R.
2. Single track. I like everything, don’t make me choose.
3. No questions! A definite +.. :).
4. They have this speedy 6 mins nugget-presentation format where the presenter can pretty much deliver a compressed intro and a bunch of references. Which is in any case the only thing you can expect from a presentation. This format allows you to get heaps of valuable info in a span of a couple of days. Works for me.
5. They maintain a repo, where you can find all the material, from this year and previous years:
R in Finance presentations, scroll down for previous R in Finance events. Good stuff.

My own talk can be found here.

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